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If you are a wine lover, there is little to compare with the pleasure of opening a beautifully mature bottle of wine you’ve cellared yourself & that’s drinking at its optimum.


If you’d like to start a cellar it’s far simpler than it may initially appear, particularly with good advice & if you follow some pretty basic guidelines. A cellar needn’t be a hundred-thousand-dollar-subterranean-temperature-controlled-extravaganza or a laborious logistical task.  With the right spot & a few well-chosen cornerstones, you can begin to develop your collection, to be paraded proudly at your swishest dinner party. 


For those that already have a cellar, we offer our clients a free initial cellar assessment & advice on developing your wine collection.  This will entail us coming down & getting amongst the boxes & racks to:


Identify the treasures & ‘holes’ in your collection,

Advise you on those that should be consumed & when,

Help you find homes for wines no longer to your taste,

Develop your collection to suit your drinking habits & current style preferences,

Clarify optimum conditions for cellaring,

Direct you to cellar tracking options,

Create an individual solution to suit your needs, time resources & budget


To arrange a free initial cellar assessment or for more information, you can call Peter Marr on 0425 778 478 or +61 3 8644 4040 or emailpeter@winestyleonline.com.au