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Wine Club

Terroir to Table


A private sensorial & informational wine course for groups of 8 or more


Composed for those with an inquisitive, epicurean & vinous bent, ‘Terroir to Table’ is intended to provide participants with a greater familiarity of a broad range of wines & styles. The best way to improve or develop your wine knowledge & palate memory is to try as many wines as possible, so we taste around 50 different wines during the course.


Constructed around the table, it is a relaxed, unpretentious and intimate interaction but demonstrates the keys to wine and its evaluation. It covers fundamentals & debunks myths relevant to our modern enjoyment of wine.  In each session we will provide comprehensive notes for the participants’ reference and to support the discussion.


Get together a group of 8 or more colleagues, friends or family and Peter can present the course over six weeks at your home, boardroom, our winestyle tasting room in Port Melbourne or we can arrange another venue to suit your needs. 


The full ‘Terroir to Table’ course
Please advise us of your interest so we can supply dates to suit.

Consists of 6 two-hour modules: each module $75 or $390 per person if all 6 sessions booked

Or a 'Private Group' - Minimum 8 participants, held at your preferred location & time

‘Unlocking the Senses’

‘Terroir: Balance of Vine & Region’

‘Old World vs. New World’

‘New Wave Varietals’

‘Wine & Food Matching’

‘Cellar Creation & Management’


These modules can be taken individually, but we recommend taking ‘Unlocking the senses’ as a useful tool for the other modules.


(Also, if you are interested in a particular aspect of the vinous world, talk to us about tailoring a specific MasterClass on the subjectwine@winestyleonline.com.au)


Module synopsis:


Module 1: ‘Unlocking the Senses’

Palate physiology

Understand major palate components

Recognise flavour components & understand the aroma wheel

Taste specially-adulterated wine to distinguish taste & tactile sensations & wine faults

Identify primary fruit characteristics & major wine styles

How winemaking techniques influence & contribute to wine characteristics


Module 2: ‘Terrior: Balance of Vine & Region’

The concept of 'terroir' & its application

Classic Australian regions

Classic Australian varieties


Module 3: ‘Old World vs. New World’

Comparative winemaking techniques of old world vs. new world

Comparative terroir & regional characteristics of old world vs. new world

How & why the 'gap is closing'

How to have the best of both worlds without paying an arm & a leg for it


Module 4: ‘New Wave Varietals’

Obscure old world varieties in a new world context & style, including:



Pinot Grigio




Module 5: ‘Wine & Food Matching’

How to identify the key flavour characteristics in food & wine

Facts & fiction about wine & food matching

Traditional old world regional matches

Wine & food matching exercise

(**a surcharge of $30 per head applies for this session if taken individually)


Module 6: ‘Cellar Creation & Management’

What, how & where to cellar

Choosing wines to suit your taste, needs & budget

When to drink

Upgrading your existing cellar

Getting the balance right

Vertical tasting of current & back vintage wines